PT Ocean Global Prima

PT. Ocean Global Prima

Coal Ship Transport Service

We provide several 300 feet Barge and 310 feet Jumbo type transportation fleets with a transportation capacity of 8,300 mt to 9,000 mt. All of our fleet is in good condition and on hire, and as a Sea Transport Services Company that provides optimal service, our fleet is ready to operate in Indonesian port areas including Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Java.

PT. Ocean Global Prima

Established in year 2020 in Bengkulu, Indonesia, our key focus was for the Bengkulu region for transshipment purposes and sea-borne transportation of coal from Bengkulu to other parts of Indonesia. Our fleet is centered at the port of Pulau Baai, Bengkulu, Pulau Baai is one of the ports in Bengkulu which is never empty of activity coming in and out of transport ships carrying various types of transport.

Why Choose Us?

Large transportation fleet

We provide several transportation fleets of 300 feet and 310 feet Jumbo barges with a transportation capacity of 8,300mt to 9,000mt.

Good Quality Fleet

All of our fleets are in good condition and on fire, and as a Sea Transportation Service Company that provides optimal service, our fleets are ready to operate in all ports in Indonesia.

Sustainable Partnership

We not only offer delivery services, but also create sustainable partnerships. We understand the long-term value in business relationships and strive to build strong trust with each of our partners.

Transparency and Integrity

We are committed to maintaining transparency and integrity at every stage of delivery. Any information related to delivery time, vessel status, and coal condition can be accessed easily and honestly.

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