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About Us

About Ocean Global prima

Established in year 2020 in Bengkulu, Indonesia, our key focus was for  the Bengkulu region for transshipment purposes and sea-borne  transportation of coal from Bengkulu to other parts of Indonesia.

Pelabuhan pulau baai

Pulau Baai is one of the ports in Bengkulu which is never empty of activity coming in and out of transport ships carrying various types of transport. On average, the transport fleet is a transport fleet imported from outside the region. Because there is still a lack of fleet on standby at Pulau Baai, Bengkulu. Seeing this opportunity and the high need for sea transportation facilities, especially for transporting coal and shells at Pulau Baai, Bengkulu, precisely in August 2020, the OGP Company was formed which focuses on operating in the field of sea transportation rental in the form of barges and tugboats. 

Visi & Mission

Our Vision

To  be  a  global  Marine  logistics  company  by  providing  a  One-Stop  Solution to our customers.

Our Mission



We have a large fleet so that our fleet can load goods with a large capacity.


Our company is committed to the performance we have done so as not to disappoint the clients.

Insurance and Safety

Provide cargo insurance options to protect customers from financial risks that may arise during shipment. Focus on cargo safety and compliance with transportation safety regulations.

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